My Everydays 003

Today I did another 5 miles run with at the end 3 Hill sprints of 8 seconds.

As you may have noticed I love running. I’m not even close to being a pro, but I do want to be in the best shape ever from my life. Running is just a small part of the grant plan. When I say the best shape, I want it to affect other parts of my life too. Like my relationship with my family and friends, my financial situation, my mental balance, and power my creative focus.

The 5 miles again felt very heavy in my legs and lungs. Again, like the last time, I started to fast or was it all in my mind. Because always after the first incline, my pace becomes more steady, more focused. It feels like I’m too much in the head trying to tackle that big uphill run. Anyway, there is always one trick that helps me get through it all and always works. I just say to myself, ” You have done this before, and you can do it again”.

I am really happy how things are going and that I’m back to running. After a stupid knee injury, I got from playing tag with my kids, slipping on wet grass into a James Brown split, I am really back. I waited almost two to two and half years before thinking of putting on running shoes. I had some inspiration in the form of books and videos, and my whole training schedule comes out one of those books. I also found the perfect running shoes for my feet.

I’ll make separates post and list the books I read, the videos I watch and the shoes I wear.

I will let you know soon.

Back on Sunday.