My Everydays 002

Lemon cake

Today no running, but a celebration! My oldest son turned 13 today, 13! I can’t believe it’s been 13 years ago I saw my first born come to this world. And now he is so tall and handsome. This proves to me that time is just a concept, and I should enjoy every moment life as much as I can. Because before I know it it’s another 13, and another, and another, and another, and then my soul drifts of into another dimension. Back to now! I tried to bake a lemon cake because he likes lemony things. My first cake, a carrot cake, was a success. Big, fat, soft and sweet, so I believed this one would be too. Not so. It came out thinner. I Don’t know what it tastes like because I want him, my son, to try first. But they, my wife and three boys, went to the beach and will be home later. The suspense. What will they say?

I will let you know tomorrow.

Back on Saturday.