My Everydays 001

Screen shot 2016-08-26 at 16.02.37

My legs were heavy, and I kept breathing through my mouth (a no-no!). I was also trying out my new handheld water bottle, and boy it’s something to get used to.

Today I went on a 7-mile Fartlek run, 6 x 30 seconds, at 10k or 3k pace. I have no idea what a 10k or 3k pace feels like, but I looked at some videos, and it is run easy and then run a bit faster.
I really got tested. There were some hill parts, and maybe I started out too fast. Feeling yesterday’s tiredness in my legs. It was fun to test my limits and see if I could do Fartlek over 7 miles. I did it!

Tomorrow is a rest day. Back on Friday.